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Jiu Cheng Gao & Agar Agar Doorstop Set (Set of 2)

Jiu Cheng Gao & Agar Agar Doorstop Set (Set of 2)

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Not just your parents’ sister, “Auntie” is an endearing and respectful address for older women, instantly evoking an informal community bond which invites neighbourly banter. The delightfully sticky Jiu Ceng Gao - one of Aunties’ favourites desserts - now helps to keep your doors open and the conversations going.

Fondly remembered as the jelly dessert that we all grew up eating, the rainbow agar stirs up memories of our childhood and nostalgic warmth. Though slowly being replaced by the desserts of our time, this layered delight now finds its way back into our homes and hearts through this endearing doorstop.

Material: Silicone

Each box contains 2 door stoppers. 1 Jiu Cheng Gao design, and 1 Agar Agar design

- Material: Silicone
- Dimensions: 13cm across
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